Foster Care

Foster Care

St Joseph’s Cowper is a small and personalised agency that provides foster care for children with our network of dedicated and supported authorised carers. If you’re interested in knowing more about foster care please call or contact us

Who can be a foster carer

Foster carers come in all shapes, sizes, cultural backgrounds and relationship types. If you’re passionate about kids and can provide a stable, loving environment for young people, you can be a foster carer! The assessment process to become a foster carer typically takes 3-6 months.

You choose the type of care you want to provide and how often.

What type of foster care is right for you

EmergencyShort noticeUp to two week duration
Short-termSome noticeUp to two month duration
Long-termLots of noticeUp to 18 year duration
RespiteUsually plannedGenerally weekend duration
The thing all foster carers have in common is a love of kids
Collaborate to Heal

Collaborate to Heal

Being a foster carer means being part of a team. Many people are involved in providing care for each foster child. Case workers from St Joseph’s Cowper, FACS and of course, the birth family of the young person all have a role to play alongside the foster carer. Your role as a foster carer is to be a significant figure in the young person’s life, but you’re not alone!

We collaborate to heal.
Training and Support

Training & Support

"Shared Stories, Shared Lives" training is an essential part of the process of becoming a foster carer. This training includes topics such as trauma and dealing with challenging behaviours.

Foster carers get paid a tax-free allowance for each night a young person spends in their care.

SJC is the only foster care agency with an office in the Clarence Valley. We have a 24-hour On-Call support service and employ a Foster Care Coordinator to support and train our foster carers.

Contact details

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PO Box 418120 North St.Grafton NSW 2460

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